We will have soup for breakfast, and soup for lunch. And for dinner we will have broth! - my 10-yr-old son

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meal Ideas - Breakfast

I have made the personal choice to not bake for breakfast.  I find, that if I do so, breakfast will take an hour or more to prepare, eat and clean up after.  As a homeschooling family I prefer our days to start more quickly than that!  So, the most time I plan on spending for breakfast is cooking eggs.  If we include baked goods like breads, energy bars and such it will because I made them at a different time.

I have many great "breakfast" ideas listed under Snacks and Lunch in case you want to spend more time on your morning meal.

As I find new recipes I will be adding to the list.  And as we try each of these recipes I will post reviews as well as any modifications we made.

Fruit & smoothies - good add-ins include coconut oil, raw egg yolks, flax seed oil, yogurt, kefir
Yogurt - homemade 24-hour fermented
Juice - freshly pressed
Granola or this or this - there are many variations of grain-free granola if you care to search
Cashew vanilla banana shake - vanilla may or may not be legal on GAPS
Pumpkin coconut smoothie - vanilla may or may not be legal on GAPS 
Russian custard – alone or with fruit
Any leftover baked good
Fruit cereal - various fruits cut up into bite-sized pieces, served with Russian Custard or nut milk
Eggs of any sort
Paleo fruit crumble - no stevia, no arrowroot
Raw butternut squash cookies - honey only to sweeten
Granola bars....maybe chunk it for "cereal"

All of these recipes can be eaten on the Full Stage.  Some of them can be eaten in earlier Stages as well.

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