We will have soup for breakfast, and soup for lunch. And for dinner we will have broth! - my 10-yr-old son

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 3

We decided to tiptoe into Stage 2 today.  Everyone is feeling well, no bowel issues and the littlest guys are really struggling with soup, soup, soup so we thought we'd try some eggs.  I did a sensitivity test on everyone's wrists last night - ghee on one, egg yolk on the other.  All clear in the morning!

Breakfast (late Stage 2)
Soft-boiled eggs mashed with ghee
Well, you are supposed to start with a raw yolk in a bowl of soup but I knew that wouldn't fly so I went for the next step which is soft-boiled.  Only I don't know how to do that very well and accidentally medium-boiled them.  It still worked and they ate them with gusto.

I had leftover beef soup from yesterday with 1 clove of crushed garlic and a raw egg yolk.

Lunch (Stage 1)
Chicken w/acorn squash and peas
To heat the cooked chicken I boiled it in salted broth.

The acorn squash was cut in half then deseeded.  Place upside down on a shallow pan with about 1/4 inch water and bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until soft.  I added a touch of ghee and some salt to each portion.

Boiled frozen peas until mushy.

Dinner (Stage 1)
Broccoli Meatball Soup
Since the meatballs were such a big hit last night we decided to repeat.

I started with a pot of chicken stock and added 1 cooked acorn squash (I cooked extra at lunch) and about 1/2 cup leftover cooked peas.  Boiled with 1/2 an onion, chunked, and 1 summer squash, also chunked.  When it was soft I pureed with an immersion blender.  I brought it back to a boil and shaped the meatballs and dropped them into the broth.  They dropped to the bottom then after a minute or two they'd pop back up.  They simmered, covered, for 20 minutes or so then I added some frozen broccoli (I defrosted first and cut off all the stalks).  I didn't mean to let it cook until the broccoli turned to mush, but I got distracted.  It was basically pureed when we served it...I would have preferred the broccoli to be a bit firmer and greener!  The meatballs weren't as flavorful as last night - I think it makes a difference to boil them in well-salted broth as opposed to pureed squash soup, but they still ate quite a bit.

Everyone did well today.  We're still letting them have a bit of juice now and then, but I got sneaky today and added chicken broth to the juice.  I used a ratio of half and half room temperature, unsalted broth and they never knew.

I'm feeling a bit achy, but I can't tell if it's the diet or that I've been on my feet cooking non-stop for the last 3 days or that I'm training for a 5K.  Maybe I'm just old.

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