We will have soup for breakfast, and soup for lunch. And for dinner we will have broth! - my 10-yr-old son

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 10

All my new gadgets are out of their boxes so we had some fun today!  I'm still waiting on my cod liver oil, probiotics and special olive oil.

Smoothies, peaches, strawberries and baby carrots and fresh pressed juice

Nobody had any tummy issues this morning so we went ahead with fruit.  It's my thought that we'll try to make breakfast a fruit breakfast since we're not supposed to eat fruit with other foods/meals now.  And I want something fast and easy so we can get our homeschool day started quickly.

I hit the farmers market this morning and got the most delicious peaches.  We only have one left.  The man selling them gave me 2 free ones because they were bruised.  One went into the smoothie (with frozen strawberries, blueberries and a banana) and the other went into the juice (carrots, apples and one peach).  The baby carrots were hand-picked by a cute little four-year-old so of course I had to buy them.

My, but that juice was delicious!  I'm trying to ferment the leftovers so we'll see what happens.

Chicken nuggets, steamed veggies, homemade ketchup, cortido and avocado
(Stage 4 for chicken nuggets, Stage 1 for veggies, Stage 3 for cortido and avocado)

The nuggets were breaded with a bit of almond flour (I shook the chicken and flour in a Ziploc gallon baggy) then baked them in the oven (beef tallow to coat the pan) until done.

We made the ketchup recipe from the GAPS book, which my kids enjoyed, but it was a bit runny.  Maybe I didn't cook it long enough.  One of my sons is now eating the cortido!

Meat and Veggie Sausages
(Stage 4???  I place it here because it's baked and you can't 'bake' until Stage 4...plus you're using spices which is Stage 5 unless you use fresh)

These were fantastic!  I made a small batch because I wasn't sure if they'd like them.  I used the following today, but you can vary it with almost anything:

1/2 an onion
1 head broccoli, a little bit of the stalks left on
1 clove garlic

Pureed in the food processor.  Added it to the pulp from the carrot juice we made last night (about 6 large carrots).

Then I pureed some "meat junk" - fat, connecting tissue, etc from beef soup bones, plus a bit of meat.  I also added a huge spoonful of coconut oil.  Added all that to the big bowl.

Next I threw a few handfuls of soaked (but not dehydrated yet) walnuts and almonds into the processor and chopped them to heck.  Added it to the bowl and sprinkled with salt and maybe 1/2 tsp. cumin.  I also blobbed in a big spoonful of red palm oil.

I stirred it all together until well mixed, then formed them into granola bar shapes and placed on baking sheets.  Baked at 300 degrees for about 30 minutes then turned them over and baked another 20 or so.  They were a bit soft so could have used a longer bake time, but they were getting pretty brown.  I didn't grease the pans so the stuck a bit.

Olive Garden Soup
(Stage 5 because of the spices in the sausage...if you made your own and used fresh herbs you could do this in Stage 3)

I subbed cauliflower for potatoes and didn't add the cream because we're not there on dairy yet.  I also didn't add the bacon and of course I used homemade broth.  This was very well received, even though it was 'different' than our normal soup.  One son had thirds.

The poo problems from yesterday seem to have resolved themselves.  The 7-yr-old started sneezing like crazy before dinner and now has a runny nose.  I'll have to see if it turns into a cold or is a reaction to something he ate.

I'm working on creating charts and lists to help me stay more organized and to help me remember things I keep forgetting!  I'm also trying to figure out how to cut costs and make this work on a smaller budget.  Grocery bills are getting crazy.  We live in an area where it's very hard to find certain things so either we drive a long way and pay a lot or have it shipped in, which is also expensive.  While I want to 'do the diet the right way', I also need to not bankrupt the family.  Any suggestions on how to keep costs lower?

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