We will have soup for breakfast, and soup for lunch. And for dinner we will have broth! - my 10-yr-old son

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 5

Breakfast (Stage 2/3 for eggs, Stage 1 for soup)
Eggs and meat soup
Some had their eggs scrambled, some had it with cooked whites and runny yolks.  We had a simple meat soup on the side - just beef broth and pieces of beef.  It came from a super fatty, full-of-marrow broth so I blended all the 'chunks' before adding the beef to heat through.  My husband raved about the flavor and had three bowls...then asked if there would be more later.  We ate 19 eggs between the 6 of us.

Lunch (Stage 1 for lamb patties and carrots, Stage 2 for fauxtatoes)
Lamb patties, fauxtatoes and cooked carrots
We don't normally eat lamb but it was on clearance at the grocery store today and I thought it would be good to add a bit of variety, not only to our taste buds but to the vitamin/mineral/fat content.

To one pound of ground lamb I added salt and pepper and some minced fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme and sage).  I only used a bit because I wasn't sure how strong they'd be.  I formed them into small patties and boiled them in about an inch and a half of water.  I also added a sprig of thyme and rosemary to the water, then covered and let simmer for 30 minutes or so.  These were a huge hit.

I used this recipe for the fauxtatoes, with ghee.  I only used one head because my kids aren't big fans of it yet.  And I boiled it since I don't have a steamer.  They ended up a bit more liquidy than I'd like, but I'm guessing that steaming would solve that.

Boiled carrots in a bit of water until soft.  Added salt at the table.

Dinner (Stage 1 for Almost Borscht, Stage 3 for pancakes)
Almost Borscht with pancakes
I have a borscht recipe that I love but we aren't eating cabbage or celery yet and we're avoiding tomatoes so I improvised with this.

Almost Borscht
Beef broth - 2 or 3 quarts (about half the soup pot)
Veal stew meat, cut into bite-size - I used almost 2 pounds
a few handfuls baby carrots, sliced
3/4 an onion, diced
2 beets, peeled and grated

The beef broth was full of fat and marrow so I heated it until the huge chunks were melted then blended the heck out of it.  Added the rest of the stuff and brought it back to a boil then lowered the heat and let it simmer for 30 to 45 minutes.  This was so delicious.  All but one kid ate this cheerfully.  We don't normally eat veal, but it too was on clearance so I scooped up a few packages.

I think the instructions for all Intro Pancakes stink...and I'm not sure I can do any better.

3/4 of a medium-sized butternut squash, cooked
about 2 cups almonds, soaked overnight but not dehydrated
4 eggs

Blended everything in my trusty Blendtec until it resembled pudding (it was thickish, not runny).  Heated the cast iron skillet on medium low and added enough coconut oil to make the bottom shiny (I was out of ghee or I would have used that).  I tried making them bigger at first but they were really hard to turn because they didn't hold together well.  The next few batches were smaller, maybe the size of a golf ball.  I had to add a touch of coconut oil after each batch or they'd stick like crazy.  They take a bit longer to cook than regular pancakes.

It made quite a bit so we have leftovers for tomorrow.  They should have only had one, but once again I caved and let the desperate, hungry children have three each.  We're pretty sure that nobody has issues with nuts, eggs or squash though.  They said they were "good, but not normal".

Everyone had meltdowns today.  There was a lot of screaming and crying and wanting to quit.  Physical symptoms seem to be okay, it's the emotional that's getting them.

I am completely exhausted.  It hit me late in the afternoon, about an hour after lunch when I took some probiotics.  Not sure if it's that or that I didn't get much sleep last night, or that I woke up early to go running, or that everyone was mad at me all day today.

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