We will have soup for breakfast, and soup for lunch. And for dinner we will have broth! - my 10-yr-old son

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stage 3 Intro - Foods Allowed

Stage 3
Almonds – as flour, one a day, gradually increase
Artichokes – fully cooked
Asparagus – fully cooked
Avocados – ripe in soups.  Start slowly (1 to 3 tsp), gradually increasing
Beef – boiled only
Beets – fully cooked
Black pepper
Bok choy – fully cooked
Broccoli – fully cooked, no stalks
Brussels sprouts – fully cooked
Cabbage – fully cooked or fermented
Carrots – fully cooked
Cauliflower – fully cooked, no stalks
Celeriac – fully cooked
Celery – fully cooked
Chicken – boiled only
Coconut oil
Collard greens – fully cooked
Duck – boiled only
Eggplant – fully cooked
Eggs – organic, raw, soft boiled, gently fried or scrambled with plenty of fat
Fish – boiled only
Garlic – fully cooked
Ghee - homemade
Ginger root – fresh in herbal tea
Goose – boiled only
Green beans – fully cooked
Green peas – fully cooked
Herbal teas – ginger, mint or chamomile w/only a little honey between meals
Herbs – fresh, only salt and pepper
Honey – raw, only a small amount in herbal tea between meals
Kale – fully cooked, all fibrous parts removed
Lamb – boiled only
Lemon – only a small piece in warm water as morning drink (helps w/constipation)
Onions – fully cooked
Peppers – fully cooked
Pheasant – same as other poultry listed
Pickles – fermented without sugar
Pigeon – same as other fowl listed
Pork – boiled only
Pumpkin – fully cooked
Quail – same as other fowl listed
Shellfish – boiled only
Spices – salt and pepper only
Spinach – fully cooked
Squash (summer or winter) – fully cooked
Tomatoes – fresh or puree (no additives), fully cooked
Turkey – boiled only
Turnips – fully cooked
Vinegar – in making stock
Watercress – fully cooked
Yogurt – homemade, 24-hr fermented
Zucchini – fully cooked

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